Our International Team has over 35 years of expertise for Inspection, Maintenance, Integration, Installation and Commissioning of cryogenic pumps in the liquefied gas industries

About CRYOMEC.com

Simply and with complete confidentiality, CRYOMEC.com allows you:

  • To secure and capitalize any day-to-day information regarding your cryogenic pumps
  • To schedule your preventive maintenance actions
  • To centralize all information of your maintenance team
  • Follow, Analyse and Report any information regarding your cryogenic pumps

Troubleshooting and Punch-lists to fasten your actions & the repair

In a simple click our technical specialist will contact you and suggests the best solution for trouble-shooting.

Install, Commission, Maintain your cryogenic pumps in a simple click

  • Follow the erection and commissioning of the selected pump
  • Order  your pump’s spare-parts
  • Schedule your maintenances and down-time of pumps
  • Manage your spare-parts stock
  • Order maintenance and services for your pump
  • Request technical team assistance & support

Improve your technical knowledge on cryogenic pumps

  • We capitalise worldwide cryogenic pumping experiences for more than 3 decades
  • Our experts create and continuously develop on-line database of Technical Guidelines dedicated to cryogenic pumps

About us

CRYOMEC was founded in 1977 by the talented engineer Tornar.

CRYOMEC is the original designer and manufacturer of CRYOMEC cryogenic pumps and their spare parts. CRYOMEC cryogenic pumps operate in many countries and are among the most reliable pumps in the world.

Since 2008, the Ukrainian division has also been the official distributor of CRYOMEC pumps and spare parts, being the official service and technical partner of CRYOMEC pumps, first in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, then in the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan.

The engineers of the Ukrainian division are certified by Cryomeс LLC, where they underwent appropriate training, confirmed by certificates. Cryomeс LLC engineers have carried out commissioning and repair works of CRYOMEC pumps in many countries. Our clients include Air Liquide, ISD, METINVEST, Hangyang and many other well-known companies.

Cryomeс LLC has developed cryogenic pumps of the CRYOMADE series. CRYOMADE is a new line of cryogenic pumps with lower investment costs.

Cryomeс LLC provides global sales, service and technical support to all customers operating CRYOMEC and CRYOMADE cryogenic pumps around the world. We are pleased to offer our customers cryogenic pumps and their services at competitive prices.

Information on this web-site allow you to provide any type report your pumps work. Maintenance preventive actions, History, Meantime between failures, Operational Expenditures… of your cryogenic pumps will have no more secrets for you