Engineering of the cryogenic air and gas separation equipment solves several applied problems for specific cases and applications, namely:
1. basic design of a cryogenic plant;
2. linking the designed installation with neighboring existing and projected production facilities, workshops and installations;
3. optimization of resource consumption by the designed installation, in particular, taking into account the resources already present on the site;
4. optimization of the solution of the engineering problem of supplying the customer’s facilities with technical gases and other products;
5. selection of equipment for filling the installation, taking into account the equipment already in use at the customer’s facilities;
6. optimization of the geometrical parameters of the installation for the territory specified by the customer;
We carry out all types of engineering, including technological engineering, and very carefully and thoroughly approach the various optimizations of technological solutions for the customer.
Consulting engineering, which includes:
• constructional design;
• design supervision;
• construction planning and preparation, such as scheduling networks;
• control over the construction and installation works;
• testing, examination;
• various consultations and more.
Technological engineering – provision of construction and operational technologies to the customer together with licenses for their use, technological design, formation of custom specifications for technological equipment:
• provision of technology for the construction and operation of facilities;
• transfer of licenses, production experience, etc.
Construction Engineering:
• design;
• equipment supplies;
• construction and installation work.
Complex engineering:
• design;
• equipment supplies;
• management of construction and installation works;
• delivery of the object “turnkey”.
Financial engineering:
• planning possible financing options for the project in terms of sufficiency of funds;
• reservation of funding sources in the presence of risks of exceeding the initial budget of costs or loss of the primary source;
• financing scheme;
• solution of operational tasks:
– on the development of operational schemes suitable for financial and credit operations to ensure the liquidity of the project;
– preparation of initial data for accounting financial transactions in the business plan, etc.
Our company provides turn-key project management with a full range of not only engineering services, but also organizing financing, managing the supply of material and technical resources and performing construction and installation works, as well as launching the erected object into operation.
If your enterprise has a difficult task to modernize or reorganize production with maximum efficiency of investments, if you have the necessary resources for this, but you do not have a comprehensive vision of solutions and the ability to carry out numerous works on your own, then our company will become your reliable partner with the necessary knowledge, competencies and extensive experience in the implementation of complex engineering projects. We work with enterprises of the gas, chemical, metallurgical industries.
The uniqueness of our proposal in an integrated approach to solving problems, which includes the following steps:
1. Analysis of your needs
It is mistakenly considered that the set of measures for the modernization of production technology comes down to replacing old equipment with new ones. It is important to understand that without a preliminary multivariate analysis of production, further steps to modernize production technology will be ineffective. It is very important to take into account the existing experience of enterprises that have passed the “thorny” path of technical re-equipment. Therefore, we begin work on complex engineering projects of technical re-equipment or organization of new production with an analysis of the needs of your company – a technological and organizational audit of production.
2. Technical proposal
The data obtained at the technological audit stage is an important component for further engineering works. Based on these data, we will create an optimal technical proposal for your production. Without fail, it will contain a feasibility study of the feasibility of investment for the project and a comparative analysis of various design and technological solutions with the choice of the optimal solution in terms of productivity and economic efficiency.
3. Technological solution project
Highly qualified specialists of our company have in their arsenal an extensive library of technological design solutions and experience of cooperation with leading manufacturers of equipment. When performing engineering technology projects, we create and implement modern effective solutions with a very high degree of optimization.
General engineering – the project on a turnkey basis.