Maintenance service

The service of cryogenic equipment includes maintenance service of cryogenic pumps, that is usually carried out once per two years; scheduled audit of the air separation units, liquefied industrial gases storages, pipelines and other cryogenic equipment that is held annually or twice per year during the scheduled maintenance shutdown; overhaul of the air separation unit and other cryogenic equipment that is held every 10 years; off-scheduled emergency repair of the cryogenic equipment; commissioning during the start-up operations and after the replacement of the production line sections and after the transportation of the equipment components and replacement parts. Qualitative service determines the lifetime of the expensive equipment, which, as a rule, is up to 20 years for the rotary equipment and 20 years or more for the plants as a whole.

Our company has a separate subdivision – Cryomade company that provides maintenance services. Highly-qualified engineers of the Cryomade company are certified in the Fives Cryomec AG (Switzerland) where they passed the relevant training, confirmed by certificates. In addition, our service engineers completed training, were certified by SEFCO Company, and were trained by the leading manufacturers of the equipment for the air separation. Engineers of the Cryomade Company carried out the commissioning and repair works of cryogenic pumps in many countries. Customers of our service company are Air Liquid, ISD, METINVEST, Hangyang and many other well-known companies.
Services for the repair of cryogenic pumps include pumps dismantling, disassembly and damage analysis of pumps, qualified replacement of spare parts, assembly of pumps, testing and commissioning. We also develop individual pump repair plans for each client, which allows client to operate the equipment with confidence and receive the expected return from the equipment.

Maintenance services of cryogenic plants, first of all, involves overhaul and commissioning of the plants. Overhaul of the plants involves scheduled maintenance outage, heating and removal of thermal insulation on the cold blocks and vessels. Then our experts carry out an inspection of plants and determine the volume of necessary replacement of inner and external housing of cryogenic apparatus, replacement or repair of the valves and instrumentation, replacement or repair of the rotary equipment, repair of the cryogenic pipelines. Such overhauls are always carried out within tight terms, which predetermines the design approach and tight control over the timing of each stage of the cryogenic plant overhaul. Commissioning of cryogenic plants involves a huge number of mounted equipment inspections. Carrying out such inspections requires a great deal of experience and high qualification, because even a minor mistake during inspections may lead to the need for repeated repairs during trial run of the plant.

Our service company has been representing world experience in the field of engineering solutions, operation and service maintenance of cryogenic equipment for more than three decades. Improve the reliability and efficiency of your cryogenic equipment with our help. We will renovate and help you to operate your cryogenic equipment as professionally and efficiently as possible.