Spare parts and valves

When operating any industrial equipment, one of the most important issues is the timely supply of spare parts to the equipment being operated. It is especially important that for each planned repair of equipment, the entire list of necessary spare parts was promptly delivered to the warehouse of the operating company, and that the spare parts meet all the standards of the equipment manufacturer.

The range of spare parts for cryogenic equipment is extremely wide. From service gaskets to entire assemblies, including cryogenic valves. Our company offers you both options for purchasing spare parts of the premium segment, for those who value above all the quality and reputation of the manufacturer, as well as alternative spare parts with the most optimal ratio of price-quality components. Also when selecting spare parts, we also take into account the preferences of the client for the purchase of particular brands of spare parts, since often the client has internal preferences regarding the used brands of spare parts, machine parts, equipment assemblies and components.

Our company supplies spare parts and fittings of famous, well-known, and reputable manufacturers in the world of innovative and reliable accessories and spare parts for use in cryogenic industry and other major industries.

Experience of our suppliers in the design and manufacture of valves and spare parts often exceeds 140 years. We work only with companies with the highest reputation, whose products are supplied to more than 100 countries of the world, and yearly amount of sales exceeds 400.000 pieces.

Our company has created for you a global system for the provision of services and technical support.

High-quality service determines the service life of expensive equipment, which, as a rule, is up to 20 years for rotary equipment and 20 years or more for plants as a whole.

Services in our company provides a separate service division – Cryomade Ltd. Highly qualified Cryomade engineers are certified by Fives Cryomec AG (Switzerland), where they have passed the appropriate training, confirmed by certificates. Also our service engineers have been trained and certified by SEFCO and have been trained by leading manufacturers of equipment for air separation units. Cryomade engineers have carried out commissioning and maintenance of cryogenic pumps in many countries. Clients of our service company are Air Liquide, ISD, METINVEST, Hangyang and many other famous companies.

Our company will promptly select and deliver to your warehouse the necessary set of spare parts, including fittings, and will provide scheduled repairs of the installed cryogenic equipment at a high level of quality and in the shortest possible time.