CRYOMADE™ submerged pumps

Cryogenic submerged pumps Cryomade™

Submerged pumps  Cryomade

Cryomade cryogenic submerged centrifugal pumps offer the highest level of thermal insulation as they are placed directly within the pumped medium. The design of these pumps is hermetically sealed and suitable for continuous operation as well as frequent start/stop situations. Cryomade submerged cryogenic pumps are used for pumping liquefied gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, natural gas), loading/unloading semi-tank trailers and cryogenic liquid storage containers.

Multistage submerged pumps Cryomade™

Technical parametrs:

Flow rate: 5000-60000 L/h
Head: 120- 1200 m
Liquids (gases): LOX, LN2, Lar, LN
Temperature: -196°C

The Cryomade LNG submersible pump is used for floating LNG installations (LNGRV, FSRU, FPSO).

  • The entire immersion unit is placed in a vacuum container and completely immersed in the medium;
  • Guarantees zero leakage and reduces the loss of cold which enables quick startup;
  • Inductor in the inlet, greatly reducing NPSHa requirements;
  • Multi-runner guide vane enables self-balancing;
  • Motor and pump are a single module Variable frequency motor that increases the operating range of the pump;
  • VFD motor provides wider range of speeds for different performance conditions;
  • Imported cryogenic bearings of proven technology are used and have a service life of more than 16,000 hours;