Cryomec LABS. The high reliability pump
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Cryomec LABS. The high reliability pump

The range of Cryomec LABS pumps is used for process applications (air separation or back up unit). Its design is adapted to permanent cooling, due to its hot nitrogen injection system which allows motor bearings to be kept at an optimum temperature. Cryomec LABS pumps cover a wide range of performance thanks to their multiple variations (single- and multi-stage versions).

The Barrel type pump integrates perfectly on any cold box thanks to its “cold box plate”. Maintenance is simplified; the pump can be extracted without removal of the suction, by pass and discharge lines. By avoiding the opening of the cold box, the problems of deburring or perlite loss are eliminated. A simple removal of the bolts (ITEM1) enables the extraction of the pump/motor assembly in less than half an hour.

Single stage Multi stage
Max working head (m)  600  2800
Minimum flow (l/min)  30 30
Maximum flow (l/min)  8000 5000

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  • Mechanical guarantee 16,000 hours
  • 40,000 operating hours for shaft sealing
  • Reduced NPSH thanks to Supercharger (single stage pump)
  • Labyrinth sealing (LABS) by sealing gas
  • Low sealing gas consumption
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the Barrel system