Cryomade ™ Reciprocating Pumps

Cryogenic reciprocating pumps Cryomade™

Piston pump Cryomade

Cryomade piston (reciprocating) pumps are used for the transfer of cryogenic liquids – liquefied gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium and natural gas. They are used to pump cryogenic liquid into tanks and cylinders. Cryomade cryogenic piston (reciprocating) pumps are used for low volume applications in the medium to high pressure range. Piston pumps are also included in gasification plants.


Technical Details:

Flow rate: 100-35 000 l/h
Discharge: 1-35 MPa
Fluid: LN2O/LN2/LO2/LAr/LNG
Temp.: -196°C




Advantages of Cryomade Cryogenic Piston Pumps

  • Single or multiple cold end design to meet various flow rates, reduce the flow impulse;
  • Ex-proof electric devices as motors and control units to meet the LNG working conditions;
  • Specially seals ensure a long time of free maintenance to the cold end, up to 3500 hours;
  • Multiple cold end design to fulfill high flow service;
  •  Vacuum jacketed cold end minimizes heat loss and lowers liquid’s vaporization;
  • Interlocking system ensure protection from wrong operations;
  • 24-hour persistent performing;
  • All electric components are configured as per anti-explosion requirements;
  • The piston seal is made of special material and the service life of the piston seal is over 4000 hours;
  • Low discharge pressure fluctuation;
  • Fast precooling ;
  • The simple pump head module design facilitates maintenance;
  • The pump has the design of new type gland packing and ultra-long service life;
  • Maintenance is convenient: it merely takes two hours to perform a routine maintenance;