High pressure cryogenic pump
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Cryomec DELTA N

The range of Cryomec DELTA N pumps is used for high pressure packaging applications (supply to surge/buffer tanks or filling of cylinders). Its design is adapted to permanent cooling thanks to its trapezoid shape enabling automatic degassing. The cylinder is vacuum-insulated and the heating located behind the cold section prevents the cryogenic liquid from moving towards the crank drive.

Cryomec DELTA N pumps cover a wide range of performance with models fitted with several cold sections (duplex and triplex version).

Several technical innovations are available on the Cryomec DELTA N pump. Indeed, the NPSHr may be reduced to 0 bar thanks to the installation of the Supercharger in the cold section. This allows the Cryomec DELTA N to pump the entire capacity
of the feeding tank and therefore, to limit the frequency of refilling.
The Cryomec DELTA N pump is oriented towards maximum operating safety through its design but also thanks to its instrumentation which enables it to ensure optimum operation in all conditions.

The cold section and the crank drive integrate several technical innovations such as (see illustration below):

  • Spherical coupling reducing radial loads and improvingpiston alignment
  • Automatic greasing system
  • Seal leakage channelled and detected by a PT100 probe
  • Simplified coupling for easy removal (2 split rings)
  • Connection for nitrogen purging
  • Large-area filter integrated in the cold end
Type of Cryomec DeltaN Pump 22/30 28/30 35/30 35/50 50/50 65/60 80/50
Maximum work pressure (bar) 415 350 400 415 300 125 80
Mini-mono flow 1 1,5 2,5 4 8,5 14 22
Maxi-triplex (l/min) 10 20 40 50 90 170 240

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The pump which compresses costs

  • Cold section mechanical guarantee 2,250 hours
  • Crank drive mechanical guarantee 4,500 hours
  • 0 bar NPSH thanks to patented Supercharger
  • Special execution up to 1,000 bar
  • Fully safe design
Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 13.31.32
  • More oxygen safety
  • More wear resistant
  • More power
  • Advanced construction
  • NPSH reduction
  • Possible atmospheric pressure pumping