Cryomec NLL. Distribution cryogenic pump
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Cryomec NLL cryogenic pump

The Cryomec NLL distribution pump is specially designed for the unloading of cryogenic liquid stored in tankers. Its ergonomic design and reduced weight enables it to be placed in confined spaces. In comparison to pumps fitted with overdrives, maintenance costs of the Cryomec NLL are limited due to the absence of transmission pinions and of lubricant specific to Oxygen service.

Consequently, this pump can be used with nitrogen, argon as well as oxygen without modification.
The Cryomec NLL offers comfort of use with respect to noise disturbance thanks to control by frequency variation.
This operating flexibility allows an operating range from 0 to 150Hz to reach a maximum speed of 9,000 rpm. This pump is fitted with a temperature probe embedded in the volute casing which guarantees optimum cooling. Several technical innovations are available on the Cryomec NLL pump. The NPSHr may be reduced thanks to the installation of the Supercharger in the cold section.

This allows the Cryomec NLL pump to use the entire capacity of the supply tank to a maximum and therefore, to limit the frequency of refilling. As regards the sealing system, its new design allows a simplified intervention at a cost reduced by half.

The Cryomec NLL pump is oriented towards maximum operating safety through its design but also thanks to its instrumentation which enables it to ensure optimum operation in all conditions.

Pumped liquids LOX, LAR, LIN
Maximum flow 650 litres/minute
Design pressure Up to 33 bar

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  • Small dimensions enabling easier installation
  • Flexibility with a wide range of performance
  • Optimised control using a frequency variator
  • High reliability thanks to a special design guaranteeing 1,000 operating hours (before maintenance)
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Reduced NPSH thanks to Supercharger
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