Cryomec THOR. Heavy duty cryogenic pump
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Cryomec THOR. Heavy duty cryogenic pump

The range of the Cryomec THOR cryogenic pump series is used to deliver high pressure liquefied gases under process conditions. Not only designed for Air Gases, the development of the Cryomec THOR pumps was especially done in regards of today and future industrial applications for LNG and CO2. Thanks to its long term reliability, Cryomec THOR is the perfect pump for Marine and heavy duty solutions.

Main advantages

  • Designed for 24,000 hours of continuous duty at 250 kN
  • 16,000 hours of duty guaranteed without maintenance on crank-drive
  • 85% hydraulic efficiency
  • Pressurized lubrication system for high reliability

Technical features

  • New patented sealing system on cold-section
  • New patented eccentrics / shaft coupling system — Driven by electrical or hydraulic motors
  • Up to 6 cold-ends


  • LNG fuel injection for marine’s motors
  • CO2 capture projects
  • Air separation units high pressure systems

Copyright © Fives – All rights reserved

The tireless high pressure cryogenic pump

  • Crank drive mechanical guarantee: 16,000 hours without maintenance
  • Cold section designed for heavy duty: Handle 250 kN in process conditions • 2 patents: New eccentrics / shaft coupling technology
  • Up to 3,840 L/min and 2,000 barG
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