Cryogenic Vertical Sealless Motor Pump
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The range of Cryomec VSMP pumps is used for process and transfer applications. Its design is adapted to permanent cooling thanks to heating which maintains an optimum temperature for motor bearings and prevents the liquid migration to the motor section. Cryomec VSMP pumps cover a wide range of performance thanks to their multiple variations (single- and multi-stage versions).

The main advantage of this type of pump is the absence of shaft sealing. This enables operation in cavitation, without premature wear or destruction contrary to other pumps on the market.
The Cryomec VSMP type of pump operates autonomously without sealing gas and its cooling is carried out by fluid circulation. The motor section is subject to suction pressure under the gas form.

For low powers (less than 55kW), this cooling is carried out by the pumped liquid itself, which is returned to the process. This circulation is controlled by a thermostatic valve in order to guarantee that the pump works in optimum conditions. For high powers, we use a coolant liquid in a support circuit. This design also allows operation in extreme conditions and with total safety. Ideal for explosive environment such as LNG. (Up to Zone 1, II-/2G Ex s IIBT3).

This pump is not compatible with liquid oxygen operation.

Single stage Multi stage
Max working head (m)  600  2800
Minimum flow (l/min)  30 30
Maximum flow (l/min)  8000 5000

Copyright © Fives – All rights reserved

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  • Mechanical guarantee 16,000 hours
  • Full sealing, no pollution
  • No shaft sealing, authorised cavitation
  • NPSH reduced thanks to Supercharger (single-stage pump) • Easy maintenance thanks to the Barrel system
  • Reduced noise (~ 70 dB)
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