Cryogenic valves Cryomec™

Cryogenic valves. Sleeves (bushings)

Cryomec LLC offers cryogenic valves and drain valves TM CRYOMEC. Safe operation of pipe systems for liquefied gases is impossible without installed cryogenic valves. With its help the intensity, strength and direction of movement of in-tube cryogenic liquids is adjusted. Fittings TM CRYOMEC are made of stainless steel and are resistant to aggressive substances and the lack of corrosion destruction.

LLC “Cryomec” offers spare parts (sleeves, bushings) TM CRYOMEC for cryogenic pumps CRYOMADE, CRYOMEC.

A sleeve is a part of a cryogenic pump of cylindrical or conical form with axial symmetry, which has an axial hole in which the mating part enters.

Depending on the purpose there are bearing sleeves, fixing sleeves, adapter sleeves, coupling sleeves, split sleeves (sleeves), etc.

Bearing bushings – in a bore of this part a journal (part of a shaft or axis, which is supported by a support) of an axis or shaft rotates. Bushings are made from materials that have a low coefficient of friction, the so-called antifriction materials – these are plastics, graphite, bronze. Also bushings made of steel, the friction surface of which is covered with a thin layer of antifriction material, are used. The use of bushings in bearings significantly reduces the consumption of expensive sliding material, as well as significantly reduces repair costs.

Sleeves play the role of protection and increase the service life of important units. Sleeves guarantee reliability in operation of important parts of mechanisms, their use reduces the probability of emergencies.

Sleeve fixing is used for connection of inner rings of roller bearings.

Shrinking sleeve is used for installation of bearings with cone-shaped bore on seats of stepped shafts.

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